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In StockScaffold double fitting.

Double Coupler

Load bearing fitting, connecting two 48.3mm outside diameter scaffold tubes at right angles.
BS EN 74-1 Class A, has a slip resistance 6.10kN
BS EN 74-1 Class B, has a slip resistance 9.10kN

In StockScaffold single putlock.

Single Coupler

Single Couplers offer slip resistance and are commonly used to connect the transom tube to the ledger tube, providing the simplest solution for laying scaffold boards.

BS 1139-2.2; has a slip resistance of 0.63kN along the transom tube and is compatible with 48.3mm diameter scaffold tubes.

In StockScaffold swivel.

Swivel Coupler

Swivel Couplers are most commonly used for façade, sectional or plan bracing. The load-bearing fitting connects two 48.3mm outside diameter scaffold tubes at any angle.

EN 74 Class A, has a slip resistance 6.10kN

In StockScaffold sleeve.

Sleeve Coupler

A frictional coupler used to connect two 48.3mm outside diameter scaffold tubes end to end.

EN 74 Class B, has a slip resistance of 5.50kN.

In StockScaffold base plate.

Base Plate

Base Plates provide a flat bearing surface for even weight distribution. They are used with timber sole pads.

In StockExternal hook tie.

External hook tie

Internal and external hooks available used to hook into scaffold screw eyes, hook ties are connected by the half coupler to 48.3mm diameter scaffold tube, forming a scaffold tie assembly.

In StockScaffold roofing coupler.

Roofing Coupler

Supplied to BS1139, Scaffold Roofing Coupler are used to secure CI Sheets to scaffold tube when constructing a temporary or semi-permanent roof structure with Scaffolding Tube and Scaffold Couplers.

Pressed steel construction with a zinc plated exterior for long life.

In StockScaffold adjustable base jack.

Adjustable base Jack

Used at the base of the scaffolding for levelling the kicker lift in conjunction with the starting collar. Also known as an adjustable outrigger, it’s made from galvanised steel and fully adjustable providing a greater range of stability and mobility for scaffolding.

In StockScaffold shear plate.

Shear Tie Plate

4-hole heavy-duty shear tie plate. Fixing for 48.7mm tube and is constructed on a 7mm steel base plate. Conforms to BS EN 74 and includes 8 pre-drilled 14mm holes with a load capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes. Delivers exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion.

In StockScaffold joint pin.

Joint Pin

Supplied to EN74 specification, our Drop Forged Joint Pin is an internal scaffold coupler to join two lengths of Scaffold tube when tube is used vertically.

In StockScaffold board clip.

Board clip

These clamps prevent the scaffold boards being affected by wind, with double flange sits flush on top of two adjacent boards. Sitting between the boards, it is fixed to the tubular transom and has holes to allow the fitting to be nailed or screwed to the boards.

In StockScaffold fencing coupler.

Fencing Coupler

Designed to prevent movement to temporary fence structures

In StockScaffold ladder clamp.

Ladder Clamp

Our Ladder clamp Double sided (Square edge) are supplied BS1139 and suitable for a wide range of Steel Scaffold Ladder types due to the double-sided nature of the fitting.

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